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BSA 600cc DBD34 replica




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1959 BSA Goldie Replica with Phil Pearson DBD34 - 600cc Gold Star Sparkle

A recent owner said "make my B33 it look like this DBD34 catalogue" and with no cash restraint the B33 was mated with a 600cc Phil Pearson Gold Star engine to create the ultimate high speed sports - touring bike with the distinctive sound and performance of the DBD34 Gold Star.

This machine is based on a 1959 B33 and a 600cc Phil Pearson DBD34 big-fin head engine and GP carburettor.  The electrics have been uprated an alternator; a belt drive replaces the primary chain.

The gearbox has standard ratios for comfortable town and country work.

Stainless fasteners have been used where possible.

In short - a glorious construction built by a discerning and experienced enthusiast for long distance high-speed road work and well behaved and comfortable town and lane conditions.

This bike is presented at a discount of thousands of pounds on its construction costs and is ready for use.

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