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Lovely restored 1929 AJS 350cc.


Very nice 1929 AJS Model M5, in excellent restored condition.


Current UK V5C registration document, taxed & ready to ride away into the sunset. A great bike for the Banbury Run.



Joe Stevens first built an internal combustion engine in 1897, although his engines did not enter production until after 1900. He built his first bike in 1905 and a new company, AJ Stevens & Co (AJS), was founded in Wolverhampton in 1909 to manufacture motorcycles. The first model was a two-speed 292cc side-valve but by 1914 the AJS motorcycle had grown to 350cc, with four-speed gears and chain final drive. AJS won first, second, third, fourth and sixth place in the Junior 1914 Isle of Man TT race that year. Internal expanding brakes and chain primary drive were introduced in 1920. AJS went on to win the Junior again in 1920, 1921 and 1922, and won the 1921 500cc Senior TT on 350cc  machines.

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