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1938 Rudge Ulster




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Needs re-commissioning and cosmetic improvement

This bronze head Rudge Ulster was completely restored to a very high standard, then left in a damp garage for several years, only to be discovered earlier this year after the owner had died.


It looks like a straight forward recommissioning job, a really good clean and polish to start with.


The wheel rims are rusty, the pipes and silencers might polish up, and the inside of the petrol tank will need relining. Both tyres will need replacing.


It only shows 2 miles on the speedo, so it should be ok mechanically, but we would advise a thorough check over before you start the engine.


There is a current V5C registration document, BUT PLEASE NOTE THE REGISTRATION NUMBER IS NOW WXG 187, and photos when it had just been restored, but no other paperwork or history.


A great opportunity to acquire a desirable Rudge Ulster at a bargain price.

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