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Veteran Bramble Sidecar c1914




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Very Rare Original Unrestored

Original unrestored sidecar made by The Bramble Manfg Co Ltd in Coventry pre WWI.


c1914 Bramble sidecar original and unrestored .


Construction- all wood body.

Overall length -  5' 6". Body width 20" rising to 26" at rear.

Axle height 7" from bottom of body.

Axle and rear mounting 47" from front of body and protruding 6"

Two front mountings (spring loaded) 20" and 26" from front of body with 16" horizontal connecting bar front facing.

Rear Spring suspension totally enclosed within body.

Wheel has been respoked and bearings appear to be ok.

Opening door 12"by12"

Original brown paint with 'Bramble-Coventry' gold letters on front.

It has some of the original green rexine interior trim.

Includes brackets, arms and clamps for fixing to bike.

Interior trim removed to access inside for woodwork repairs to rear offside.

1912 German 2 pfennig coin found in bottom of body!

Wonderful opportunity to add a very original sidecar to your veteran motorcycle.



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