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1904 Peugeot Veteran




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1904 500cc Peugeot veteran motorcycle. Original first paint condition and mechanically restored.

A century of patina. Original unrestored condition, this ancient survivor was found resting in a flour mill in Alsace with the 1904 Alcyon. Very original, and still on coil ignition. Good spark and ready for starting.

The first motorcycle produced by Peugeot was the "Motobicyclette", a light machine shown at the Paris Exhibition in 1901. It was Peugeot's response to the widely popular Werner. It had a Swiss ZL 1.1/2 hp (198 cc) engine, which was mounted over the chassis frame in front of the pedal assembly. Transmission was by belt. The cycle parts were very light, and was really a reinforced bicycle frame.

The first 5 hp motorcycle, sold in 1903, had the engine placed inside the frame, which became the definitive location for the mechanical components and is still so today. Then came the first races. Five Peugeot de 3.1/2 hp machines took part in the Paris-Madrid in 1903. Truffault swinging-arm suspension was adopted on some Peugeot models for 1904, making them among the world's most advanced, and the following year the firm introduced its own v-twin engine. Using one of these Peugeot motors, Norton-mounted Rem Fowler won the inaugural Isle of Man TT race in 1907, and the French make featured prominently in the first ever motorcycle race to be held at Brooklands when, on Easter Monday 1908, a brace of Peugeot-powered NLGs finished 1st and 2nd.

1904 500cc Peugeot veteran motorcycle. Original and mechanically restored.


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