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1935 SOS Brooklands Villiers

Another one gone



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A 1935 172cc SOS Brooklands Special. (Villiers Brooklands Engine)

We do not know a lot about this one yet, but we understand that the Villiers Brooklands engine is quite rare and desirable. Apparently the Brooklands engine was only sold for racing and not road use.

We have the old brown logbook that shows it was first registered to Tommy Meeten, who raced Villiers bikes at Brooklands, and was also a TT racer. Tommy took over production of SOS motorcycles from Vale Onslow in 1935, so this must have been one of his first SOS bikes.


1935 172cc SOS Brooklands Special. (Villiers Brooklands Engine) NEW PRICE - £5995


The heaveyweight Villiers carburetor has been reset following remodelling of the chainguard.  It sounds really great when cracked up.


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