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1903 Werner




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1903 Werner 344cc  Pioneer Certificate, outstanding condition.  Ride it home.

A single speed flat belt driven pioneer motorcycle in excellent lighly restored condition and mechanically excellent. Competed in  two Banbury runs and a recent Pioneer Run.

The brothers Michel and Eugene Werner, Russian immigrants in Paris, built a motorcycle in 1897 based on a bicycle frame. It had a motor mounted over the front wheel, and drove the front wheel by a belt. In 1902, Werner introduced a new model, with engine conventionally mounted in the frame and, this time, the rear wheel being driven by a flat-belt. One of these Werners was ridden by pioneer biker E H Arnott from Lands End to John O'Groats in under 66 hours.

1903 Werner 344cc motorcycle, current V5C UK registration document, outstanding condition.

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