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1907 Griffon




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1907 Griffon 250cc 2hp with unique 4-1 multiplier gear

This lightweight French motorbicycle has a 250cc 2hp Zedel engine with an automatic inlet valve.

The engine speed is geared by the built-in [ fixed ratio 1/4 ] multiplier device allowing the engine to run at a higher than normal speed for the travelling speed which is very useful at low speeds as any single speed rider will know. The engine runs backwards as a result of this fixed single ratio gearing.

The observant wil notice no sign of any brakes, the sharp sighted will see the small lever at the back of the multiplier - this is a transmission brake operating on the multiplier gearwheel.


New tyres of the correct size and profile and to modern safety standards are fitted.

Ready for final fettling and sorting before it goes on the road.




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