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1935 Gnome et Rhone 3CV




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1935 250cc Gnome et Rhone model 3CV Fantastic original, completely unrestored cosmetically.

Original first paint condition. Fantastic original unrestored cosmetic condition, but new bearings throughout in the engine & gearbox. Well sorted bike. UK and French registration documents. Taxed and MOT'd - ready to ride away into the French sunset..

Gnome et Rhone Club is very active and have reason to believe this bike was sold at the Paris show in 1935 when first launched. This information is being investigated. The pressed metal frame is very strong and only shows surface rust. Too good to restore, this bike is in a beautiful state of preservation. New bearings in the engine & gearbox, but otherwise unmolested. Needs to be seen to appreciate just how original it is.

Gnome et Rhone was a major French aircraft engine manufacturer. Between 1914 and 1918 they produced 25,000 of their 9-cylinder Delta and Le Rhone 110 hp (81 kW) rotary designs, while another 75,000 were produced by various licensees, powering the majority of aircraft in the first half of the war on both sides of the conflict. In the post-war era they started a new design series originally based on the Bristol Jupiter, but evolving into the excellent 1,000 hp-class (750 kW) Gnome-Rhone 14K Mistral Major radial, which was likewise licensed and used around the world during World War II. They were nationalized as a part of Snecma in 1949, but the brand lived on for a time as the manufacturer of motorcycles and bicycles.

Between the Wars the Paris-based factory moved from aircraft engine production to build a variety of bikes with single-cylinder and flat-twin engines of up to 750cc. After 1945 Gnome & Rhone built small-capacity two-strokes, but didn't survive the 1950s.

1935 250cc Gnome et Rhone model 3CV Fantastic original, completely unrestored cosmetically.


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