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1925 BSA model B roundtank




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1925 BSA Round-Tank model B

Wow! Full restoration just completed by Birmingham engineer. His father bought this motorcycle 37 years ago, and his son has now restored it to fantastic condition. It has never had oil or petrol in it, and will need comissioning and running in before you put it on the road. We would be glad to do this for you. It has a current V5C with a transferrable RT (Round Tank?) number.

A top-selling model for BSA in the 1920s, the versatile Model B, or Round Tank, was just right for everyone who needed cheap personal transport. Popular with learners - the fact that the gearbox on the base model had only two speeds, (this bike is the Deluxe with 3 speeds) and that both brakes operated on the rear wheel were attributes guaranteed to re-assure novices - the reliable 250 sidevalve provided many with their first motorcycling experience. Advanced features, for a lightweight, included all-chain drive and pumped lubrication, though the traditional sight feed and auxiliary hand pump were also provided.

This BSA will be a show winner that you can be proud of.

1925 BSA Round-Tank model B SOLD AT BRISTOL SHOW


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