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1924 AJS 350




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1924 AJS 350cc Model B5. Lovely little flat tanker.

Great lightweight vintage AJS 350cc motorcycle, in good restored condition.

This bike looks lovely and would make an ideal entrant for Banbury and other vintage events.

Current V5C and we will be pleased to supply 12 months MOT & tax.

Originally manufacturers of proprietary engines, A J Stevens Ltd, of Wolverhampton, introduced its first complete motorcycle in 1911.

The first AJS was a single-cylinder sidevalve-engined lightweight displacing 292cc that came in two versions, one with direct belt drive (Model A), the other (Model B) having a two-speed countershaft gearbox, an  it won the Junior event, the first such victory by a single-cylinder machine.

From then onwards, the 2¾hp (350cc) engined model remained a fixture of the AJS range.

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