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1917 Harley Davidson 1000cc V-Twin

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1917 Harley Davidson - model J 1000cc V-Twin

A  superb 1917 Harley Davidson, in lovely condition, and the sale includes a LHD sidecar chassis.

We would be pleased to offer UK registration documents, and MOT & tax, to the lucky new owner, if required.


In 1914 Harley Davidson introduced a conventional, three-speed, sliding-gear transmission with 'step starter'  on the top-of-the-range version of the twin which, with full electrical equipment, and was listed from now on as the Model J. Two important developments in the twin's evolution occurred in 1916: the most immediately obvious being the adoption of a gently curved fuel tank that replaced the slab-sided tank used previously. Inside the engine, the cams were altered from two-lobe to four-lobe, making alterations to valve timing - previously achieved by reshaping the followers - that much simpler. The Harley-Davidson twin in this general outline would endure for the next eight years.

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