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1925 BSA L25 350cc

SOLD we have another with a sidecar



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1925 BSA 350cc L25 solo

We present a newly restored 1925 350cc sidevalve BSA solo with assembly running only.

BSA produced this flat tank, hand-change, three speed, sidevalve 350cc machine with improved oiling in good numbers to an appreciative commuting population.  The work-horse of the working-man this machine was often paired with a BSA lightweight chair for the social needs of the family.

Today's owner can use this machine on club runs and being Banbury eligible take part in the premier vintage event in the world.

UK registration documents, new MoT and historic [zero] tax disc.

The motor of this bike has been carefully refurbished with main bearings, con-rod and bearings, piston and barrel, valve gear and needs to be run-in carefully.

A new tank and decent cycle parts complete this appealing vintage machine.


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