Vintage and Veteran motorcycles
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About Phil

I have enjoyed an interest in old cars and motorcycles from an early age, helping my brother with a succession of old bangers. My first car was a 1960 Mini, followed by a series of Morris Minors and a 1932 Riley, and then a long list of modern, classic, & vintage motorcycles.

My current favourite bike is a 1912 Triumph, and I am enjoying the research and restoration of my 1928 Buick car.

I also run the Vintage Bearing Company, which supplies obsolete bearings for old cars & motorcycles, and the Vintage Oil Company, supplying vintage & classic motor oil, and a full range of industrial & agricultural lubricants..

Vintage and Veteran motorcycles

About the team:

This happy band of fellows enjoys assisting Phil with the day-to-day duties in the workshop and with deliveries, collections and shows.

We have been together for longer than we like to admit and pride ourselves on service and honesty.

Vinandvet have a wide range of colleagues who provide machining services, electrical expertise and all the rest of the skills that people of our age have and enjoy practicing.

We are fellow enthusiasts and we enjoy riding these old things regularly.

Vintage and Veteran motorcycles

About Vintage and Veteran

Vintage and Veteran, formed in 2009 by Ken Ashton and Phil Haywood, (and now carried on since 2013 by Phil following Ken's retirement), reflects their keen interest in motorcycles from their early, hand-built beginnings as sporting and leisure pursuits of the gentry in the 1890s to the huge variety of sporting, leisure and mass-market commuting machines for all people and purposes in the 1930s. Military service during the first world war [1914 - 1918] introduced many servicemen to the motorcycle and its liberating mobility.

It is not surprising that the 1920s saw a huge expansion in motorcycle ownership through all classes of the population as they sought to gain economic advancement by their ability to be mobile in seeking employment further afield. This period is the golden era of motorcycling and it is this period of technological advancement that interests everyone involved with Vintage and Veteran, the friendly motorcycle people.