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Vintage and Veteran graphic.

Very very nice. Great video.

Available with or without the sidecar

We also supply ball & roller bearings for older vehicles

Museum Quality

Superb veteran motorcycles

In stock.

We also supply Classic Oil & Lubricants.

Happy New Year to all our existing and future customers.

Looking forward to meeting you in 2020.

Saturday 30th November.

We have a stand at the Open day at the National Motorcycle Museum, Saturday 26th October. Have a look at our 1904 Royal Enfield and 1917 Douglas.

Order your classic oil , bearings and motorcycle for free delivery. See you there.

Looking forward to Stafford Classic Bike Show- See you there

October 19/20th.

September 28/29th Stafford

7/8th September 2019

We are away on our holidays, and we are back on 27th August 2019

Website is all mended

See you on Sunday 21st July

Very nice Brough SS80 for sale.

Sunday 16th June - see you there.

Very nice BSA V-Twin and rare Triumph

Triumph Model P

London- Brighton for veteran motorcycles - 1910 Douglas for sale

1925 Douglas TS for sale.

We also supply Steam Oil

Excellent 1910 Douglas

Full range of bearings in stock

Events List 2019

Suck, squeeze, bang, blow !

Nice tidy Sun Beans

Super Sunbeam -  now available at a great price

Oh Mother!


Museum quality

Sat/Sun 7/8th July

LHD, currenty living in Canada, shipping can be arranged.

June 2/3rd

near Burton-on-Trent


Modern Classics

Great Video of the 2018 Pioneer Run from Harriet Murray

Hardy Pioneer Riders

1916 Indian Powerplus for sale

Nice condition

Sunday January 28th . See you there.

Lovely Sumbean

VinandVet events.

Very nice 500cc OHV

Just arrived

Sunday 3rd September

Lupin Farm Near Burton

Hard work done

Just Arrived - nice bike

Delivered in style

MCN Festival Peterborough

1910 3.1/2HP for sale

Nice Norton

Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show Feb 4/5th

Out & About

1975 Triumph T140V 750cc

Nice flat tank Sunbeam

300cc 4 stroke Jap in nice tidy condition

Remember, Remember, Open day 5th November

Motorcycle racing leg end

We are looking forward to Stafford Show 15/16th October

Super Special 1936 Rudge Special

See you at Goodwood

Amazing find.

Arriving in July


Fantastic Four

Super, lovely, great.

Original unrestored

For Sale


2  super motorcycles

Fantastic 1928 Douglas DT/SW5

We have 2 bikes on show at the NEC Classic Car & Motorcycle Show Nov 13/14/15th.


Watch the videos please

See you at Stafford October 17/18th.

Lovely lightweight Pioneer Run bike and Pioneer Triumphs arriving

A New model for the display


2 more super motorcycles

2 great vintage motorcycles just arrived.

Fantastic original unrestored 1912 Triumph & 1913 Premier

Not long now - see you there Saturday & Sunday

Sunday 12th April

Another lovely Triumph coming in.

Very nice 1913 Triumph just arrived and sold straight away. Can we sell your veteran please?

Out and About

We went to Bristol Show Feb 7/8th 2015 - at Shepton Mallet!!


Another very tasty Bert original

The Crimson Field showing in New Zealand

What are you doing in 2015?

We had a re-arrangement

We now have four KSS Velocettes for sale. We have had an offer for the Model K.

Sunday October 5th

Two Rudges just arrived

Sat/Sun 20/21st September

Rudges gathering in Kidderminster

8/9/10th August.


Riding Old Motorcycles

Have you seen the fantastic flat tank Norton we have for sale?

Great day out with 100 old bikes on Sunday 11th May

Great weekend at Stafford.

Filming with Douglas

Rudge Club Camping Week June 2014


Nice day Rudging

at Shepton Mallet



First show of the year

We had a busy weekend at the NEC and Newark Autojumble.

London to Brighton

London to Brighton

We sold vintage motorcycles, vintage oil, vintage bearings, vintage jam, and vintage body shop stuff!

Great weather and lots of people

1912 Triumph is a TV star

Amazing barn find. Now sold.

Fantastic Bugatti Type 52 children's car.

Camping and riding in Suffolk


Peterborough Arena 17th-19th May 2013

We had a great weekend at Stafford Show.

Sidecar bonanza at Vintage and Veteran

Pioneer Run London to Brighton Sunday 24th March has been cancelled due to bad weather.

This might be the best restoration we have seen - click here -

Martin Squires Joined us at Bristol Show

Vintage Rudge Races Across America  *** CHANGE OF VENUE *** now at the Roebuck

2 vintage BSA motorcycles

2 vintage BSA motorcycles

This was the first time we had booked a stand at Newark Bike show in January.

Have a look at our provisional list of events we hope to attend in 2013

Classic Mechanics Show - Stafford October 2012

John Sinyard "sinbad" comes to visit

Velocette KTT Mk8 - now sold.

£25,000 off!!

Many prices reduced

by £2000 or more

Flat tank Model 18 Norton

We had another great time at Beaulieu

We had a great time at VMCC Founders Day.

Phil pictured with Bob Dulieu from Pennine Lubricants.


We now stock vintage, veteran & classic motor oil

Blackburne motorcycle project and spare Blackburne engines

BSA Roundtank Engine FOR SALE

BSA S26 and S27 cams required

Ken's 1925 Rudge being crated for shipping

VMCC Founder's Day - re-arranged for September 2nd due to  waterlogged ground at Stanford Hall

St Peters Brewery in Suffolk.

Rudge camping week in Suffolk UK

Vin and Vet setting out at the re-located Jumble area

#26 Ready to test

The riding vests for the team have arrived

Phil & Phil at play.

Immaculate Cub for sale

The Bath City Police Pursuit outfit gets a look-over

Martin Squire collects more material for his portfolio

A few extra pictures

bikes, weather and people

RUDGE MIDLANDS riding holiday 23 to 30 June 2012 SUFFOLK

Great day out - see you there.

Falklands talk this Wednesday.

Ken prepares to take Buck's bike for a spin in the fresh air of the Pennines.

Rudge Friends Frank and Ute Meier visit us from Chemnitz - former east Germany [Saxony]

The BSA S27 being prepared for Buck Carson is now all assembled, fuelled and oiled, and started.

Arrived today -

Great excitement - the tank, painted has been collected

Sidecars at Stafford Show

The 1923 Triumph SD Outfit destined for the road

1913 Triumph with a 3 speed Sturmey Archer rear hub.

A very early natural clutch [of eggs] discovered in a barn find

Steve Wright checks the fitting of the new tank

FN 4 and 1916 Rudge Multi - WD on show

It is photo day

We will be at Bristol Classic Bike Show next weekend

We are selling this wonderful veteran Triumph on commission and the owner is moving to France next week and wants the bike gone.

Gerard collects his FN on his 64th birthday

Photos by Peter March

Now priced at £10,995

We have taken on another large industrial unit,

Nice little copy of a BMW

Nice photo of our bikes last year

Happy New Year to all our friends

We went to buy a bike, and ended up on the beach.

Do you know what it is yet?

New outfits for Christmas

Martin Squires Automotive Illustrations

We enjoyed an excellent weekend  at the RUDGE Anglo- German Christmas party.

We delivered a lovely 1927 AJS to the Isle of Man.

A magic lantern show by the Gilbert family of Burton on Trent -