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Nov 30, 2011

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We delivered a lovely 1927 AJS to the Isle of Man.

We delivered a lovely 1927 AJS to the Isle of Man, and had a fantastic couple of days riding vintage bikes around the Island.

We had an email from the new owner-

Dear Ken, Phil

The week before Phil came over with the AJS I had been ‘captured’ by a local magazine to do ‘a week in my life’ article. The delivery of the AJS was certainly the high point of the week and the photograph Phil took was reproduced in the attached article. I managed to get you a mention and if you can miss the boring bits I hope you enjoy, as much as I did, my day out on the AJS.

I have researched the history of UK 4570 and I was amazed to find the first owner had it for 69 years, which must be a record for owning a motorcycle from new!

Thanks again for all your assistance.

Kind regards