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Buck's new Amal 276 and BT-H magneto

Mar 14, 2012

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Arrived today -

The 276 carburettor has been specially built by Burlen and we have some alternative components to fine tune it - a weaker slide and two smaller jets.  It will retain the lever controls on the handlebar.   

The old AMAL brass unit will be retired and refurbished for stock.

The BT-H magneto features CDI  [condenser discharge ignition] technology and is an auto-advance unit.  We set this up at max advance and the unit retards itself electronically according to rpm.  The spark is a fine, hot profile and is generated from the relatively high low tension magneto output of circa 300 volts by a self energising high-tension output coil.  We will run the bike on the re-wound original unit until we are happy with the performance, we will then swap this out for the new BT-H unit - sending the original along for back-up.