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The open road and fresh air

Mar 30, 2012

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Ken prepares to take Buck's bike for a spin in the fresh air of the Pennines.

There is something special about the freedom of the open road, especially in the pristine air of the high Pennines.  Ken starts Bucks bike for a serious test run.  The oil burning off was quite spectacular for a minute or two.  Martin caught this on his mobile phone.

I was accompanied on the run by Dave Gould and Phil Smith.  Their job was to monitor, check speedo readings, watch for bits dropping off and eventually to go fetch some petrol.

This run was over 80 miles and took in Burton on Trent [to check on some chroming work being done], then to Etwall to see how machinist Brian is getting on helping Cath recover from her operation, then into Derby. 

Leaving Derby on the Ashbourne road we stopped to make some adjustments to the mixture, it was too weak, so we raised the needle.  A nice run then through Ashbourne, past Carsington Water and down into Cromford.  Cromford is where Arkwright built his textile spinning factory [the first water powered mill in the world]. 

I can tell you that the finest fish and chips are made in Cromford. 

Small stop by the River Derwent whilst Dave went to Mike's to cadge 1/2 gallon of Petrol

We next visited Mike Wild [competitor No25 on the Cannonball] and made a slight adjustment to the carburation as it was a little too rich now.  Cup of coffee and a look at his Rolls Royce motorcar and back on the road for a non-stop run to the yard.  First stop was the petrol station.

This is a great route - up - down - sweeping bends, tight bends, heavy braking on steep down-hills and power runs back up in middle gear. 

And when we got back, it settled to the sweetest tick-over.

Excellent day - 80 miles, half done at 35-40 and half done at 45-50