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Prescott hill climb - results

Apr 26, 2012

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bikes, weather and people

The weather was a mixed as you can possibly imagine - bright sun and warm, torrential rain and cold, breezy then glowing a gale and to top it all hail - hail the size of peas clattering down with malicious intent.

People, well, we saw loads from the Rudge club and bike friends from Irelend, Germany and Holland - well done Eddie B,  Andreas Ulm and Santa's personal Reindeer. 

A great parade of bikes, especially racing Rudge.  One of the best active groups for a long time.

Excellent show.

I enjoyed a trip into kitty litter land and got applause because I did not tip off. 

Mike Wild used his Cannonball bike and found the brakes very fierce - makes a change on a rim-brake Rudge. Otherwise, an excellent production of power but thirsty.  1100 yards per gallon......