Commission sales

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Commission sales


Commission Sales on Vintage motorcycles:

Agreement to act

The vendor authorises the company to market the goods as an agent for a specified

period of time, with a three month minimum, and to take a commission on successful sale.


A minimum price will be agreed for the sale of the goods.


No sale, no fee.

If the vendor ends the agreement before its minimum term is completed, then company reserves the right to recover the direct costs of advertising and marketing.


Title and condition statement.

The vendor will provide good title to the goods and warrant that the goods are free of any charges or debts.


The vendor will agree a condition statement with the company listing known defects and any work required.


The vendor agrees to transfer the title to the purchaser on payment.


The company will insure the goods for the minimum sale price.


The company will market the goods at its own cost using its knowledge of the market to achieve the best price.


The company will perform any technical work on the goods only with the prior agreement of the vendor and at a cost to be paid by the vendor.


The vendor will provide any assistance reasonably requested by the company to secure a sale.



The company may accept any offer at or over the minimum sale price without referral back to the vendor.


Offers below the minimum sale price will only be accepted by the company with the prior agreement of the vendor.




The vendor is:



Post code:

Email address:

Phone No:                                                    Mobile No:

Minimum sale price:

The goods are:

Make:                                     Model:                      Year:                          CC:

Reg No:                     Transferable?                     Frame No:                Engine No:

Documentation and other material handed to the company:

V5C:                           MoT:                          Dating certificate;

Condition statement:

Signed by the Company                          Signed by the Vendor

Date                                                               Date